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Brief English info about the festival

Young independent international comics festival KomiksFEST! is entering its 7th year in 2012, taking place between October 27th and November 3rd.

The aim of the festival is to present comics to the wider public as a young, dynamic medium in which story-telling is limited only by imagination. It takes place in various venues across the city of Prague and consists of comics-related multimedia program, such as comic books/graphic novels presentations, movies and theatre productions, exhibitions, meetings with authors and draftsmen, workshops and, of course, the presentation of the annual awards for excellence in the form, the Muriel.

Motto of the festival states: Comics unlimited!

Here You can find the short version of programme.


Wednesday 30th October

18.00 — 8 comics on the same topic, or how wide the scope of activity can be

Presentation of the project of the studio “Comics and illustration for children” from the Faculty of design at the University of West Bohemia (Západočeská Univerzita) under the tutelage of Bára Šalamounová.

Městská knihovna (Municipal library) in Prague, Mariánské náměstí 1


18.00 — Alejandro Jodorowsky in film and comics

Projection of the documentary film The Jodorowsky Constellation. Talk show with Antonín Tesař and Pavel Kořínek, hosted by Tomáš Chlud.


Francouzský institut v Praze (French Institute in Prague), Štěpánská 35 


19.30 — Jiří Grus — Grus in the Periphery 

Exhibition opening 

Periferie Cafe, Branická 49 (until 25th November)


20.00 — Pérák — The name doesn´t matter, actions speak louder than words! 

Theatre production  

Divadlo Archa (Theatre Archa), Na Poříčí 26


Thursday 31st October


17.15 — Triple launch with Meander  

Launch of Argentinean comics Macanudo 4 (Ricardo Siri Liners) and French works of art Professor´s daughter (Profesorova dcera) (Joann Sfar, Emmanuel Guibert) and FREEDOM!  (SVOBODA!) (Jean-Denis Pendanx, Kirs).   

Launched by Pavel Pafko Kořínek and translator Richard Podaný. Iva Pecháčková from Meander will talk about the plans for the comic edition PRO EMU.  

Knihkupectví Krakatit (Bookstore Krakatit), Jungmannova 14


18.30 — Ticho 762 — How Masaryk Thought up Czechoslovakia 

Exhibition opening and launch of the book with the participation of Pavel Kosatík 

1. Podzemní antikvariát (1st Underground Secondhand Bookshop), Hybernská 22 (until 15th November)


20.00 — Literary and musical project KAFKA  

Launch of the comics adaptation of the famous novel Zámek (Castle) by Franz Kafka. The book will be launched by the artist Jaromír 99 and the American screenwriter David Z. Mairowitz. Video projection VJ CLAD + autograph session. KAFKA BAND (Švejdík, Neuwerth, Almela, Hradil, Jurčík + Rudiš).  

Experimentální prostor NoD (Experimental  space NoD), Dlouhá 33 (entry 150 CZC)


Friday 1st November



18.00 Lorenzo Mattotti — Oltremai 

Exhibition opening 

Italský kulturní institut Praha (Italian Cultural Institute Prague), Šporkova 14 (until 22nd November)


Saturday 2nd November


Comics Saturday in MeetFactory, Ke Sklárně 15


Children´s KomiksFEST! with Albatros

 (10.00 — 13.00, entry for children 30 CZC) 

Build your own kayak with the help of doctor Racek and win the best race of the season at KomiksFEST! (Lukáš Urbánek). In the workshop with Suri & Kata think up and draw your own fantasy superhero (Libor Drobný). In Comic expeditions to the past you can try to put some finishing touches to comics which will take us back to the barrel maker´s workshop, butcher´s back yard or a medieval Hussite town (Klára a Honza Smolíkovi).  Time machine can help you change the sequence of time and you can find out what happens with the story, or try making a digital sketch (WACOM). You can also draw a button and win lots of interesting books.  


Comics Saturday — the main programme

(15.00 — 24.00, entry 50 CZC)


Great Hall

15.00 — Czechoslovakia 38–39

Presentation of the school computer game project about the Czechoslovakian totalitarian past (Richard Alexander and Ticho 762)

16.00 — Launch of the comics Candide by Karel Jerie

16.30 — Launch of the comics Divočina (Wilderness) by Mikuláš Podprocký

17.00 — Comics Top Cow as seen through the eyes of the artist Marco Turini

Together with the launch of the book E.V.A.

18.00 — Sigbjørn Lilleeng and Lukas Jüliger

Talk show about the exhibition Světy pod povrchem (Underground worlds) in MeetFactory

19.00 — Lorenzo Mattotti

Talk show with an Italian artist

20.00 — Hand over ceremony of the comics award MURIEL 2013

21.30 — Announcement of the winner of the ARNAL competition

22.00 — Voleman´s Eyes

A short film inspired by the comic story by Jiří Gruse, directed by Jan Cechl

22.30 — R.A.W. battle

Art battle, DJ Jana Kománková


Theatre Hall

15.00 — Bohouš a Dáša are changing the world

Workshop and announcement of the winners of a national school competition, organised by Člověk v tísni (People in Need)

16.00 — Bílá paní na hlídání

Vhrsti and the director Petr Friedl will present an animated film and a comic book of the same name

17.00 — Pavel Trnka and Caves

Presentation of a comic magazine

18.00 — Bäm fanzine and the Czech scene

New comic fanzine and current trends in domestic comics (Marek Menke, Vojtěch Čepelák)

19.00 — Tintin racist

Analysis of the comics Tintin in Congo (Michal Uhl)

20.00 — Sex, violence and Borgia

Publishing house CREW about Jodorowsky´s historical brutality

21.00 — Kája Saudek: Better than Moebius and Kirby

The ups and downs of the King of Czech comics (Vojtěch Čepelák)

22.00 — Chico e Rita

Projection of a Spanish animated film


PLUS exhibition The Underground Worlds (Lukas Jüliger, Sigbjørn Lilleeng, Pavel Trnka and the magazine Caves)

PLUS exhibition ARNAL 2013

PLUS presentation of tablets and other gadgets for artists – Wacom

PLUS workshop Recycliterature (Recykliteratura) (Publishing house Lipník)

PLUS publishing houses´ stands, presentation of new books, T-shirts, badges, prints, bags



Sunday 3rd November



13.00 — An Introduction to Norwegian Comics 

Lecture by a comics theorist Kristian Hellesund about Norwegian comics, special guest Sigbjørn Lilleeng

Týnská literární kavárna, Týnská 6


17.00 — Paul Gravett: 1001 comics you must read before you die

Launch of the book and talk show with the author

Comicspoint, Anglická 14

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